“Afterwards we settled down in his comfortable study, whose windows, he pointed out to me, faced the sea.  As the sea was forty-two miles away I thought this point irrelevant but nodded civilly.”

From “The Complete and Utter ‘My Word’ Collection” by Frank Muir and Denis Norden.

At Truro Real Estate, we tell it as it is.


Chances are, the sale or purchase of real estate will be one of the larger financial transactions in your lifetime……That’s why Truro Real Estate’s associates are all seasoned business professionals treating your real estate interests very knowledgeably and very seriously.


Specializing in the listing and sale of properties of outer Cape Cod, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the area, and on being the hardest working agency around. We offer personalized service and a broad inventory of properties in every price range. Whether you are buying or selling, we assure you that you will find the quality of our service to be unparalleled. Come visit us at our 332 Route 6 location. It will show you two things about us. We care about details and we are very good at what we do.


Some of the services we offer…

Introductory tour of area for new buyers
Seller Representation
Buyer Representation
Non-Representational Transaction Brokerage
Expert Advice on building and health codes, zoning laws
Professional opinions of real estate values
Mortgage advice, and referrals to top lenders
Building contractor and subcontractor referrals
Referral of top area attorneys


At Truro Real Estate, we work closely with the best in the area…

Architects and Designers
Builders and craftsmen of all kinds
Plumbers, Electricians, and various other subcontractors
Surveyors, Excavators
Well-drillers, Sanitation Experts
All local Boards and Departments



Chuck’s Perspective

Brand new real estate licensees are often contacted by the larger companies immediately upon receiving their licenses, for the purpose of recruiting them. The prevailing rationale among these offices is that nearly everyone knows or is related to someone who is a potential listing or buying client. If the newcomer decides to pursue such an offering, he or she will probably receive training before being allowed to practice, and the more responsible companies may require that the newbie assist a more experienced agent before being allowed to go “solo”.

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