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We invite you to…Walk the great ocean beaches… Witness the spectacle of the crashing surf against a backdrop of magnificent sand dunes… Spend some time gathering shells along the quiet bayside as the sun sets… Explore the winding trails of the National Seashore Forest… Discover the ponds that remain undisturbed as they were 100 years ago… Find the same beauty that has been the inspiration of countless artists, poets and authors. You’re sure to fall in love!

Chuck’s Perspective

Brand new real estate licensees are often contacted by the larger companies immediately upon receiving their licenses, for the purpose of recruiting them. The prevailing rationale among these offices is that nearly everyone knows or is related to someone who is a potential listing or buying client. If the newcomer decides to pursue such an offering, he or she will probably receive training before being allowed to practice, and the more responsible companies may require that the newbie assist a more experienced agent before being allowed to go “solo”.

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Truro Real Estate - Outer Cape Cod
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